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Our corporate office is located in Fort Worth and we have a field office in Roosevelt, UT.

Finley Resources produces Utah Industrial Wax. We are driven to deal with all stakeholders in an ethical and fair way. Our employees are empowered to make decisions and structure deals that conform to our mission statement. Our employees know and expect that the Company will stand behind them and support their decisions.

  • This is manifested in the way we work each day.
  • We are open, honest and direct.
  • We follow through on our commitments.
  • We manage our financials in a responsible manner.
  • We value each employee and their family well-being.
  • We rely on each other, sharing successes and failures.
  • We correct our mistakes promptly and with compassion.
  • We treat everyone who contacts our Company with respect.
  • We consider and respond to the suggestions of our partners.
  • We encourage, accept and value innovative and forward thinking.
  • We pivot when economic conditions present challenges to find opportunity.
  • We strive to structure business decisions that are win-win-win for all involved.
  • We exercise collaborative, informed decision-making to maximize long-term value.