Mission & Values

Our Mission and Values create the framework and foundation for our culture.



We are a company with specific, time-bound profitability and growth goals accomplished by financial and goal discipline in our core operating areas. We are able to act on any transaction and close quickly, no matter the complexity, to further those goals.

This mission gives our employees continuous opportunities to further their professional learning and development.



  • Ethical and fair dealings
  • The welfare and morale of our employees
  • Team-oriented, family atmosphere
  • The respect of our partners
  • Environmental responsibility

Corporate Culture

  • We rely on each other, sharing successes and failures
  • We exercise collaborative, informed decision-making  to maximize long-term value
  • We encourage, accept and value innovative and forward thinking
  • We change direction in unison when economic conditions present opportunities  or challenges
  • Our work ethic reflects the need for urgency and all hands on deck when the company needs us
  • We value each employee and care about the employees’ families and their well-being