Business Strategies

Our strategies are in place to guide our decisions, actions and investments.

Consciously manage our balance sheet, cost structure, and relationships 

  • Maximize earnings and cash flow through continual cost control 
  • Strive for a strong balance sheet, paying down debt 
  • Keep individual and aggregate annual capital expenditures at appropriate levels given existing cash flow
  • Nurture and maintain our strong reputation in the banking and financial community and among industry peers
  • Prepare timely and accurate financial statements. Present projections and results of performance with professional integrity; Earn the trust of those we work with, never violate or jeopardize our partners’ interest

Acquire and Exploit Strategic Properties

  • Build a balanced portfolio of quality assets
  • Seek opportunities with high working interest
  • Develop assets ourselves to minimize deal complexity
  • Buy quality long-term, low-decline properties relying principally on decline curve analysis and cash flow projections
  • Maintain ownership of minimal value properties for their future potential

Operate and manage properties in numerous geological basins 

  • Diversify our portfolio to enhance appeal to lenders and reduce our financial and operational risk
  • Embrace many operational environments and technologies to allow for cross pollination and reduction of learning curves

Attract and retain talented employees

  • Provide exceptional compensation programs
  • Expose employees to a wide variety of skills and experience sooner than the competition
  • Provide an environment for fulfillment through enrichment