Employee Involvement in Community Service

Playground Build Volunteers for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth

Finley employees had the opportunity to participate in building a KaBoom playground for the Eastside Branch of the Boys and Girls Club. The project involved building a playground in one day and was supported by hundreds of volunteers. Over 25 Finley employees volunteered for this event and Finley incented participation by awarding an extra day of vacation for all who volunteered.

Volunteering for this playground construction was a great way for our employees to serve the entire community as the end result provided a safe place for hundreds of Club kids to play, and it improved the entire area, making it more inviting and appealing for business owners and neighbors. It was also a great way to serve the Boys & Girls Club because without volunteers from the community, this build could not have been accomplished in one day! 

Charitable Donation Match Program

To encourage employees to develop a giving mindset, Finley established a charitable match program in 2010. For each contribution an employee makes to a charity/non-profit organization, Finley will match up to $2,500 annually and up to $50,000 for the entire program annually. The program has provided an excellent platform for teaching our staff how to give back to the community in their own way.