Environment and Safety



Finley Resources is committed to protecting the environment in which we operate. Our development plans outline programs to facilitate safe exploration, development and recovery of oil and gas reservoirs in a manner that will protect the natural resources and the environment. We work with our leasehold partners to develop plans to mend and restore any property degradation resulting from our work.

The safety of our staff, subcontractors and others on our properties is of the utmost importance. We have a comprehensive plan when it comes to safety which involves safety systems, services and equipment, all designed to keep workers safe in the oilfields. Further, we take a proactive approach to safety, planning to reduce accidents and continually improving safety, acknowledging the fact that oil and gas extraction is inherently dangerous.

  • We employ a dedicated Field and Environmental Safety Supervisor
  • We include safety procedures and safety meetings in our well and field operations
  • We design our facilities to be safe for our employees and anyone who is on location
  • We provide safety training to our staff
  • We choose our subcontractors based on their respect for safety, history of safe operations and compliance with insurance requirements
  • We have zero tolerance¬†for illegal drug use