• Our Mission

    We believe in our business model, our portfolio of assets and our people and plan to grow and maintain an environment for the long term benefit of our company and employees. Read More +
  • Our Values

    Ethical and fair dealings • The welfare and morale of our employees • Team oriented atmosphere • The respect of our partners • Environmental responsibility Read More +
  • Our Culture

    We value each employee and care about the employees’ families and their well-being. Read More +
  • Our Strategies

    Acquire and exploit strategic properties • Consciously manage our balance sheet, cost structure and relationships • Operate and manage properties in numerous geological basins • Attract and retain talented employees Read More +
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  • Company Profile
  • Company Objectives

Finley Resources, established in 1999, owns, manages and develops over 2,500 oil and gas properties in nine states. Our primary focus is on acquisition and development with a growing commitment to drilling programs.

Our success is attributable to a business model that does not rely on public funding or promoted investors, a unique model in our industry. Privately held since inception, our growth has been organic and earned by acquiring quality assets, paying attention to cost control and employing talented, dedicated staff that bring innovative ideas to our environment daily.

Our organizational structure is lean and efficient, empowering decision-making throughout all levels of the company. We openly support employee decisions to further enhance their decision-making ability.

We manage our assets on a generational timeline to maximize value over their productive life without regard to short-term earnings or reporting.

We acquire skill sets that enable us to participate in the sea change affecting America's energy independence, from horizontal drilling to multi-stage fracing to enhanced recovery techniques.

Our success is further supported by our innovative production staff that has a proven track record of operating safely and efficiently while protecting our environment for the future.



Company net production is 2,500 MCFPD, 800 BBLs NGLPD and 4,600 BOPD; approximately 9,600 BOEPD.


Operating Areas

Finley has holdings in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.



We pride ourselves in our ability to respond quickly to any acquisition opportunity.


Growth and Performance

Our producing properties in West Texas, Ford West and Ford Geraldine represent significant growth for Finley over the past several years. Our more recent expansion into the Rockies has catapulted our growth and performance to a whole new level.


Finley Resources is a producer and acquirer of Oil & Gas property interests. We are driven to deal with those we come into contact with in an ethical and fair way. Our goal is to give those who engage in transactions with us the feeling that they would deal with us in the future ahead of

anyone else they would have the opportunity to deal with.

Our employees are empowered to make decisions and structure deals that conform to our mission statement. Our employees know and expect that the Company will stand behind their deals and support their decisions.

This objective is manifested in the way we work each day.

  • We strive to structure deals that are win-win. We never take the last nickel off the table.
  • We return phone calls and treat everyone who contacts our Company with respect and respond to their needs.
  • We are open and honest, and to the point, in our dealings.
  • If we make a mistake or error, we correct it promptly.
  • We follow through on deals we make, even if we lose money.
  • We consider and respond to the suggestions our partners make.
  • We manage our financial affairs in a responsible manner.